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Is it EVER OK to comment on someone’s weight?

Brooke by Brooke
May 31st, 2017

I was scrolling through my social media yesterday when I saw new pics of Rihanna out and about in NYC along with the hashtag #thickanna. This couldn’t be what I thought it was; it could not be a hashtag to ridicule Rihanna’s weight, could it? Well, the answer is yes – and it’s the most messed up thing I’ve seen in a while.


Girl can SING

Her weight is no-one’s concern and certainly isn’t anyone’s business but man, have some people gone to great lengths to make it theirs.

There have been publications with headlines such as; ‘Rihanna has gained some serious weight’ and ‘Is Rihanna pregnant or just packing weight?’ God forbid a woman isn’t a size 0.

headlines such as ‘Rihanna has gained some serious weight’ and ‘Is Rihanna pregnant or just packing weight’

Have we forgotten that she’s a human being? And a 29 year-old woman at that. Every woman’s weight fluctuates at different times in their lives, mine included, and I can’t even imagine the whole world judging me for it.

My daughter is only two years-old and can’t read yet, but I’d hate for other little girls who can read to see these headlines and think Rihanna’s figure isn’t the ‘ideal’ or the ‘norm’, or to think her weight is what’s important in the world right now. It isn’t.

While it’s actually kind of refreshing to see someone in the spotlight who isn’t a size 0 to make the rest of us feel represented, and for our daughter’s to feel they don’t have to be teeny-tiny to have a place in the world, someone’s weight does not determine their worth.

And in the case of Rihanna, it doesn’t affect her ability to do her job, which is sing. And let’s not forget how incredible she is at that; pretty sure the size of her thighs have no bearing on that. I know the size of mine play no part in me being able to do my job. Thank God. Now, pass me the fries.