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The suitcase the celebs can’t get enough of!

Brooke by Brooke
February 15th, 2017

Have  you ever lost your suitcase on a flight? NIGHTMARE! Sure, they’re usually only delayed for a few days but it takes the whole ‘nothing to wear’ to a whole new panic-induced level.


The beauties themselves

If this, among other things about travelling stresses you out, then I have something that’s really going to float your boat.

There’s a new suitcase on the market that is the Queen of all suitcases. It features technology that actually tells you where it is AT ALL times. No more lost bags! Very clever.

The suitcase also takes away that awkward moment where you’re standing at the check-in removing items from your case and frantically stuffing them into your carry-on to avoid being charged for being over the weight-limit, because it actually tells how much your luggage weighs as you pack! It has other seriously cool features too, like a battery to charge mobile devices, current weather conditions, traffic alerts and deals on flights.

More than 20,000 bags have been sold it just under 10 months and now there is waiting list of over 10,000 people because production is still catching up with demand. Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid and Oprah are just some of the celebs on the wait list.

The suitcase is made by travel-goods company Raden and has been dubbed the A22 Carry. Prices for the A22 begin at $A387.

I am putting it on my birthday list STAT! It may be the only thing than Oprah and I have in common and that’s enough for me.