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The new show we can’t wait to see

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
March 8th, 2017
Tina Fey 08

Is there anyone funnier in the world than Tina Fey? There was nothing more funny than watching her and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes, or her take off of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. She was incred in Mean Girls which she also wrote and her book Bossypants is Ah-mazing! It’s safe to say I absolutely adore this woman – so when I heard she is producing a new TV Show…well, count me in because of course it’s bound to be AWESOME.

The new show is called the The Sackett Sisters and will follow estranged sisters who are forced to stick together after they perform a public act of heroism. Dawson’s Creek star, and Michelle Williams bestie, Busy Phillips has been cast as Mandy Sackett the dysfunctional sister who has been married three times and arrested six times, she’s also never held down a job for more than a week. Busy also starred in Cougar Town and most recently Vice Principals.

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Casey Wilson plays the other sister, Sutton Sackett, who is described as a woman thrilled to have a boring life because the rest of her family are absolute train wrecks. Sutton is a “cost accounting supervisor” for a canned fruit and vegetable distributor with a relationship history of three straight boyfriends all named Dave.  Casey Wilson is an actress, comedian, and screenwriter, best known for starring as Penny Hartz in Happy Endings.

The show is written and created by 30 Rock producer Luke Del Tredici and will also star Bradley Whitford, who recently won an Emmy for his role in Transparent, as the sisters’ dad. The show will also break comedy TV rules by filming on a single camera.

Casey Wilson

The cast – Casey Wilson, Bradley Whitford, Busy Phillips

We think this show screams hit!! What a dream team – we can’t wait! It will compete in the upcoming do or die pilot season in the US but we guarantee with Tina Fey at the helm it’s destined to be a winner.

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