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Oh. My. God! Did you know this about the clitoris?

Monty by Monty
March 13th, 2018

Clit chat. You don’t hear that very often do ya?

I was one of those inquisitive and extremely curious kids. I would flip over naked in front of the mirror and stare and poke at my bits in amazement for hours. My mum would have totally known what I was doing in there and she left me up to my own exploring devices.

So as a 36 year old mother of two, I thought I knew ALL about the vag but I just found out something that made me go “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?”

Although every clitoris is different, every one has something called a hood. I knew this much but not that the hood is similar to a vagina like a foreskin is to a penis.

Allow me to explain. The “hood” or  “prepuce” is a flap of skin that connects to the labia minora (refer to diagram below). Just like the for-skin covers up the head of the penis, the hood covers up the clitoral glands.

Did you know that we can actually retract the hood and see the clitoral glands? I. Did. Not.

When we are aroused, the clitoris glands swell which usually makes the clitoral hood retract.  If your hood doesn’t self retract, try manoeuvre it yourself cause  it can apparently make bonky tonky WAY more pleasurable.

The downside to be a hooded warrior is that sometimes the larger hoods can get stuck which is called clitorial adhesion. It isn’t a big deal but can be painful and sometimes make it tricky to find pleasure with the clitoris.

A way to tell if your hood retracts is to masturbate in front of the mirror. Wow, I ain’t a prude but my flipping over naked days are well and truly over.


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