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Sam Wood has a scar on his left knee. The story behind it is FULL ON.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 1st, 2017

We’ve all got those quirky little things we find attractive and interesting about people. Some of us dig freckles, others like a wild mane of crazy locks, but for me, scars are where it’s at. I love them. I love the interest they can bring to a person’s body and I love that each one is truly unique – because no two scars are EVER the same.

Most of us have a scar or two somewhere on our bods and the stories behind them are fascinating. Some are funny, like the scar on my knee from the time I kicked my brother’s ARSE in a showdown on the game Wonder Boy on Sega Master System and he got so pissed that he pushed me into his toy box in a fit of rage and split my knee open. Some scars, however, are connected to awful memories that we don’t want to re-live. For me, it’s the scar that runs down my nine-year-old daughter’s forehead from where she fell head first into her bedroom door frame a couple of months ago, splitting her head open so deep and wide that you could see her skull.

Every time I look at her, I can hear that guttural scream that came from her that morning, a scream that is on constant loop in my head (hello anxiety), especially at night when it’s quiet and I’m trying to get to sleep. But kids are tougher than we give them credit for and she has dealt with it much better than I have…and I like to think her new scar just makes her beautiful face that bit more interesting.

Just last week, Sam Wood joined Monty in the studio for Show+Tell Radio and told her the story behind a scar on his left knee – and it left us with goosebumps the size of grapefruits.

It was little Sam’s sixth birthday on a freezing day in May. Sam and his late mum, Wendy, were crossing the street in his home town of Hobart when the unthinkable happened. Sam was hit by a car. His little body was flung all the way up onto the bonnet and back down again, all while his horrified mum watched on. Ambulances arrived and Sam’s many layers of winter clothing were cut from his body, revealing a blood-soaked tiny boy. Sam said that as the Paramedics worked furiously on him, his devastated mum watched on helplessly, sure that she’d just lost her son.

Sammy's scar today.

Sammy’s scar today.

Sam’s leg was broken in two places, he had half an artificial kneecap implanted and a total of 65 stitches; 51 on his knee and 14 on his head. We are so rapt he made it, cos it turned out he had HEAPS more left to do.

Have a listen to Sam talking about the accident, the loss of his mum when he was 15 and the birth of his beautiful new baby girl, Willow Wendy Wood, below. Head here to join our podcast so you can listen to every episode of Show+Tell Radio and our fab On the Couch chats with some seriously awesome guests.

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