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Did you know your body has a weight set point?

Monty by Monty
January 7th, 2018

This piece is brought to you by AAMI* but is 100% my own experience and words. Promise. M x

I’ve tried them allllll over the years; the soup diet, juice diet, no carbs, low carbs, no sugar, low sugar, NO AIR…

THEY DO NOT WORK!!! I am now so passionate about NEVER dieting because I know how controlling and all consuming it can be. The joy of reaching your ‘ultimate weight’ on the scales will literally bring you micro seconds of happiness – if any at all. Side note: THROW YOUR SCALES AWAY!

One thing I found really interesting after I came out the other side of diet land was learning about our set body point. It isn’t something many of us know about. The other day on Show + Tell Radio I spoke about it with health and fitness guru Michelle Bridges. You can listen to that chat here.

Your set body point is the weight range in which your body is programmed to function properly. It’s the weight that your body will actually fight to keep you at. This is why fad dieting is a big ole waste of time…if you shed a heap of weight, your body will work at its hardest to get you back to its set point, which for most of us isn’t the size of a stick.

We can’t control certain things like our height or eye colour OR our set point. Our bodies are biologically and genetically determined to be within a certain weight range whether we like it or not.

scaWhen we go below our body’s natural set point, things like our appetite and metabolism adjust and work their butts off to get us back to our natural set point. Our metabolism tends to slow down and our appetites will increase.

There isn’t a test that you can do to tell you what your set point range is but what we can do is get a little more in tune with our bodies, eat normally, and pop some moderate exercise on the to-do list.

Learning to accept the fact that our body needs and WANTS to be a certain size might take the load off our minds a little. Everywhere we look we are told that being thin is what we all should strive to be. But the fact is we WILL be our healthiest at our own individual set points, and then in turn, we will be our happiest.

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