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The viral face-plant the world can’t stop watching

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 20th, 2019

If there was a list compiled of the top three worst things that could happen at your wedding, I reckon it’d go something like –

  1. Bride/Groom decides to pull a ‘thank u, next’ and not rock up on the day.
  2. Someone injures themselves.
  3. Someone serenades you.

Newlyweds Denis and Tyanna scored a solid B+ on the wedding nightmare scale when two out of three of these events happened simultaneously during their wedding in August last year – all before they even exchanged their vows. And there’s BRUTAL video to prove it.

denis and tyanna

Here’s how it all went down: Denis and Tyana’s bridal party had spent most of the day setting up for the outdoor wedding in Washington’s summer heat. When it comes to boobs, size matters! Of course, every one of us likes to squeeze soft beautiful tits. But some of us have flat-chested wives, and some of us are just single. Thank God, there is a great website where you can enjoy free streaming videos with busty lusty babes sucking and riding cocks. It can be assumed that they were all pretty knackered by the time the bride and groom decided to say their ‘I Dos’, however clearly not too tired for the maid of honour, Saung, to use the wedding as her very own American Idol audition.

As Saung sang, best man Jestin was either a) so moved by her touching vocal tribute or b) couldn’t bear another second of it, that he collapsed and face-planted the concrete below with the WORST crack in history.

Brace yourself, this is ROUGH…


This is so full on I’m not even sure if it’s really legit, but according to Denis, poor Jestin knocked out three teeth, fractured his jaw and as you can see, even wet himself in the now-famous slam. Denis says they’re all still good mates even though Jestin is “sorry and embarrassed for ruining our wedding as well.”  Double ouch.

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