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The Top 10 HILARIOUS things people say are better than sex.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 7th, 2019

It appears that Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross got it right when they sang The Best Things In Life Are Free. ‘Cos they seriously are. I mean, of course money can afford you lots of luxuries and opportunities that make life easier, but the stuff that rates highest on the feel-good-o-meter (like love) don’t cost a thing (thanks JLo).

Think about it. Some of the stuff that is THE BEST and totally free include – the delicious smell of a baby’s head, the flood of endorphins at the end of a workout, watching kids laugh uncontrollably, a much needed catch up with your girls, being told you are loved, freshly-washed hair and of course, sex.

Sex is free and it’s fun and it’s great for you, which might make you think it’s the undisputed gold medal winner of the feel-good olympics. HOWEVER….  a recent Reddit thread called ‘Yeah sex is great, but what’s an equally enjoyable sensation?’ has gone viral because a) it’s bloody hilarious and b) relatable.

We’ve picked our top ten faves and they are solid gold.

“When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start gliding.” – KingOfTheFerret

“Picking that booger that feels like it’s attached to your brain stem.” – shittaco1991

“When someone cancels plans you weren’t really interested in but felt obligated to go to.” – ReeG

“When you’re staring at an attractive person and they make eye contact with you and hold it for a few seconds before you both look away. If there was any way to bottle up this feeling and bathe in it, I totally would.” – ahmuh1306

leo knows what we’re talking about

“Yawning after a plane ride when your ears finally pop.” – MrWhiteside97

“Wiping and finding the toilet paper clean on the first swipe.” – antivn

“Getting a piece of food out of your teeth that has been bothering you.” – ixisoupsixi

“Waking up to your work alarm, only to realize it’s the weekend.” – BeefTyphoon

the sweet joy of going back to sleep

“When you pull into the driveway right as the song ends.” – danielsexbang

And this beauty, which is our absolute favourite…

“When you flush a huge shit and the toilet temporarily clogs to the point of overflowing, but then the pressure suddenly clears the clog and the whole thing goes down.” – Copious-GTea


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