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The Bridezilla story of the year

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 27th, 2018

There’s no doubt weddings can be high pressure affairs. We’ve all heard stories of Bridezillas who lose their shit at the slightest disruption to their dreams of a picture perfect day, but one Canadian bride has nabbed herself the gold medal for wedding madness after unleashing some serious fury to friends and fam on her Facebook page.

It’s the rant that has everyone talking and quietly thanking God that they didn’t score an invite to ‘Susan’s’ wedding. You see, Susie was PISSED that her guests weren’t keen to fork out a measly $1500 EACH to fund her $60K dream wedding and she wasn’t holding back when it came to telling the world how she felt about it.

why so angry, susan?

Screengrabs of Susan’s epic rant were shared on Reddit and it is HECTIC. Not only does she refer to her nearest and dearest as ‘c**nts’ for not coughing up their hard-earned dough for her to feel like Meghan Markle for the day, but she has disowned everyone – including her husband-to-be, after calling off the wedding four days out from the ‘I Do’s’. Sounds to us like she did him a massive favour.

These screengrabs feel, literally, unbelievable – but the person who shared them has assured the world that Susan is a real-life person.

I’m not quite sure how to feel about all this because once you read her post, it’s pretty obvious that Susan is not only delusional, but very possibly unhinged.

There’s something in this post for everyone; from psychics to Kardashians to the final crushing blow of her fiancee’s suggestion of, what Susan hilariously calls,  “one of those cheap, raggedy, filthy, whore-like Vegas weddings.”

So make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the grand spew of Susan. This is EPIC….

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