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Monty interviews her partner Sam about International Women’s Day

Monty by Monty
March 7th, 2018

Today for International Women’s Day I wanted to get a man’s views on the gender inequality situation we still find ourselves in. At this rate my great granddaughter will STILL be fighting the same fight we are… I wish I was joking but depressingly stats validate that sentence.

The man I have chosen to share a bed and breed with is a rather incredible human. He is a proud feminist and knows that in order for true change to occur, we need everybody, no matter what body part resides in your strides, to make a stand for gender equality.

Introducing my partner of 14 years, Sam.

Why do you think International Women’s Day is important?
From a broad point of view, we know for a fact that women are paid less for doing the same work as men.  It’s something that we need to fix urgently, and creating a day that puts a spotlight on it can only help.  
From a personal point of view, it’s great to get to reflect on the contribution women have had on my life and career.  Sometimes you just need a day to think about stuff like that.  
What impact did your mum have on your views of women?
Mum is simply one of the smartest, most ambitious and hard working people I know.  When I was growing up Mum and Dad shared all the housekeeping and parenting of us four kids, while both working full time.  Because of this, the idea of a man going out to work as his ‘contribution’ to the family, and the raising of children being mainly the woman’s responsibility, doesn’t work for me.  I know this arrangement works for some people, and there is no right or wrong way to have a family, but I’ve always wanted a partner that was my equal in every way.  Mum definitely had a big impact on that.

Sam with our son Arlo

We have two young boys, what do you hope they learn from you when it comes to women?

I hope they learn that although every part of your body might be attracted to how a woman looks, that is not the most important thing about her.  The fact that women can grow ANOTHER HUMAN BEING INSIDE HER OWN BODY is basically magical. The most interesting thing your body will grow is an ingrown toenail, so for that fact alone, be respectful.

What responsibility do you think men have in achieving true equality?
To call it.  If you hear other men being sexist, call it out.  (I have to say I definitely don’t do this all the time, but I guess that’s why days like today are a good reminder of how important it is)
Also, if you are in any position of power in the workforce, make an effort to mentor, promote and support as many women as you can to take the next step in their careers.  We will all benefit from a workforce that is equal.
Also encourage women to go for promotions, ask for pay rises, step up to their worth.  
You consider yourself a feminist, why is that?
Feminism is simply wanting equality.  Who wouldn’t want that? It is a no brainer to me. Plus Beyonce calls herself a feminist, and maybe if she finds out I do too she’ll want to be friends with me.
Do you think I am the hottest person in the world?
Second to Beyonce.  If I ever get a shot at Beyonce you will never hear from me again.  Tell the boys I miss them.
Happy International Women’s Day– let’s crank up the change.
Author, feminist and all-round incredible lady, Tara Moss, had such an incredible chat with Monts On the Couch a little while back. You can listen to it in pod form below, then head here to subscribe to our podcast.