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Tried to book a catch-up with friends lately?

Monty by Monty
August 9th, 2018

This piece is brought to you by Mazda (but is totally all my own words and thoughts and spelling mistakes)…

Remember when you were in school, and at 3.30pm when the bell would ring to finish off the day, you would casually just ask your mate sitting next to you if they wanted to come over to your joint for a play? They would pretty much always say yes, because your schedules were free to be filled with spontaneous fun. Afternoons and weekends as a kid were so exciting because literally anything could happen – an impromptu sleep over or a six-hour swim at the local pool did not need five weeks forward planning, and if you wanted to lay on the couch all day and watch back to back eps of Saved By The Bell, you just bloody did it.

Fast forward to grown up land, insert a job and a sprinkling of kids and the spare free hours in a day have been crunched down to micro seconds!

how long since you did this? yonks.

The other day I shot a text out to three mates and said let’s book in a date for dinner, there was a real 32 message exchange that followed and a date was finally sorted for THREE months’ time. Our lives are now literally planned to the wazoo and a three-month date lock in is kinda the norm. What a snooze!!

Since we have micro seconds in our days, I reckon we need to introduce the micro catch ups with our mates. Instead of locking in a lunch or even coffee catch up that takes months to sort, how bout we introduce the car coffee catch up? You cruise past a mate’s place with some take away coffees and they jump in your wheels with you, sip the coffee and have a yarn while you mark off the mundane to-do list like getting the car washed, picking up dry cleaning and dropping off the kids forgotten lunch box.

I get this is far from ideal, but my social life is so skint that a power coffee while circling the local haunt is rather divine at the moment.

I recently organised three of my lady pals to join me on a micro catch up and since I’ve got some BRAND NEW Mazda CX-8 wheels, I was designated driver.

Kate Twigley, Chelsea Thomas from I Heart Bargains  and my best mate and bizz partner Stacey joined me for a sip of coffee and a good old chinwag. I threw 8 questions at them (while in the CX-8, because I like everything I do to be uniformed). And naturally when you catch up with mates you film it, right?

You should watch these chats below and while you are having a little eavesdrop, check out my new red beast. It has seven seats, it’s Diesel which is perfect for people like me who LOATHE filling up their car (lasts way longer than petrol) and it looks bloody pretty too. You can find more about the CX-8 here.