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Is it ever okay to be the first to text?

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
September 15th, 2016

Last weekend I had my first date in TEN years. It went well…I think. As a single mum I feel a bit lost in the dating world, the rules of dating have changed and I have no idea what I’m bloody doing. Is it okay to be the first to text after a date? I mean I’m not even sure I had a mobile phone the last time I went on a first date.

I hear stories from friends who have been wined and dined for months to then send a text one day and hear nothing…ever again. It seems like we live so much of  our lives behind our phones and computer screens these days that in a world of online dating it’s okay to just disappear into cyberspace if you’re no longer interested. Which frankly makes me want to retreat to my couch and never leave the house again.

Chemistry over text is super important if you’ve got no banter game you probably won’t even get a second date.  I’m nearly 40 years old and I have kids, and a job and shit to do and leaving the house for a social event takes two weeks of planning. Spending all my time thinking up witty texts is WAY too time consuming.

Dating is fun, the going out to new places, meeting new people and even the not knowing what’s going to happen is pretty exciting, but the unwritten unspoken rules are doing my head in. I NEED someone to tell me what the rules of dating and texting are.

Dating demon Ash Williams gives the insider view from a man’s perspective on dating and texting in our vid with him below. He answers all the questions such as, is alright to text first, is a double text okay and is a kiss at the end of a text really a good sign. Safe to say I have watched this 345 times and I’m pretty sure it’s ok for me to text with confidence now. Wish me luck.

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