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Kate’s family won’t be at her wedding because she’s gay. So, Ellen stepped in.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 20th, 2019

When it comes to compliments, having the person you love ask you to spend the rest of your life with them is up there as one of the biggest and best.  Having your closest people share in that excitement with you is a really close second I reckon.

Sadly, so many people miss out on the celebration part with their nearest and dearest because they live in families that won’t accept their sexuality. It’s shit for all involved really, because it just deprives everyone of so much happiness. It’s something so many of us will never understand but of course, it continues to happen to couples across the world on the daily.

What doesn’t happen every day is Ellen DeGeneres getting involved.

Newly-engaged couple Kate and Sarah were surprise guests on Ellen yesterday after tweeting her in the hopes she’d attend their wedding and walk Kate down the aisle. You see, Kate’s family don’t support or accept her same sex relationship and refuse to attend her and Sarah’s big day. Party poopers.

After sharing their proposal story (Sarah was meant to propose, but Kate surprised her and beat her to the punch in front of the Eiffel Tower) and  telling Ellen about what a positive impact she’d had on them, Ellen had a surprise organised. A group of friends and family, all THRILLED to share in these gorgeous womens’ love for each other, gathered together to celebrate as Sarah got down on one knee and proposed to the love of her life, a very surprised and excited, Kate.

It was such a beautiful moment, proving again that love trumps all.  Take a look…

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