Ellie Goulding just nailed what friendship is…

Stacey by Stacey
January 23rd, 2016

Monty and I have been best friends since we were 14-years-old…together we have endured our awkward teenage years, our self-doubting 20s, our ‘what the fuck are we doing?’ parenting 30s and the navigation of building Show + Tell together. They say never work with family or friends but we would never not work together. We serve a special purpose in each others lives that we can’t live without and a bond that will never be broken. I have no doubt about that. We have as much respect for each others weaknesses as we do each others strengths and that’s what keeps our friendship fierce. Together we are unbreakable. When I’m with her I really do feel like ‘I’m standing with an Army.’

Monty and Stace

Monty and Stace

Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Army’ is dedicated to her BFF…the person she met in college and as she says, “The person who has seen me at my lowest, and the first person I call in muffled sobs when something bad happens. We’ve been deliriously happy together, deliriously tired, and deliriously sad together.”

She said she wanted to “show their friendship for what it really is – honest, real, electric.” Adding, “I think about the times we drink together until neither of us can stand. The laughing at our own ridiculousness and foolishness. Comparing our trials and errors; overthinking our break ups and new loves, remembering everything we’ve been through to get to this point and being so proud of it. Two girls from Hereford trying our best in the city. We open out hearts up and take risks, but together we are more powerful than ever. We are challenged every day but we see it through, and sometimes it feels like we can conquer anything.”

I couldn’t love this more. This video features black and white snippets of their friendship over the years. Share this with your ‘person’ and make sure they know how bloody brilliant they are. Monty this one is for you.