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The Aussie video going viral for the BEST reason

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 27th, 2017

It’s easy to see how this brilliant little Aussie video is going viral. In just under two minutes, it simplifies a common lifestyle choice into an easily-digestible scenario that will hopefully cause the nay-sayers to question…what really IS the big deal? It’s all about looking at an issue that celebrates love and equality for all and seeing it from a different perspective. With fresh eyes. And a love of….condiments.

Check it out:

Incredible, right? Since it was posted online on Friday as part of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this coming Saturday, The Big Deal has gone bananas with over 1.7 MILLION views. It beautifully acknowledges the difficulty some people face in coming out to their traditional families, but more so, the importance of being supported by loved ones who love you even more than they love barbecue sauce. And of course, a hilarious nanna who is a bit of a saucy minx herself.

It’s hard – and more than a little embarrassing – to come to terms with the fact that same sex marriage is still not legal in Australia. Our country is beautiful and amazing in so many ways, but our government MUST understand that as a sauce-loving land, our personal tastes will differ. There is room at our table for all the sauces – and while no one will force you to try tomato sauce if you’re a barbecue sauce lover, we should respect the fact that some of us LOVE tomato sauce. Some of us love both, and some of us prefer to spice it up with a bit of mustard too. The sauce we choose is nobody’s business except our own and NOBODY, not our bosses, families or even our law-makers, have the right to judge which sauce is right for us.

Until the day comes that we are all free to marry the person we love, I hope videos like this keep coming in thick and fast. I hope that eventually our Prime Minister, like the dad at that table, stands up proudly and embraces all the tomato sauce lovers of our country and declares that Australia is a place of #EqualLove. For all.

What does #EqualLove mean to you?