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They say friendships go in SEVEN year cycles…

Stacey by Stacey
March 24th, 2016

I was buzzing around Instagram the other day (every day…every. second. of. errrry. day) and stumbled across a meme that said “find your tribe love them hard” and it got me thinking about my circle of friends and how bloody lucky I am to have found them. If I’m being honest, sometimes I feel too lucky…I feel like my girlfriends fell in my lap from pure circumstance and I just grabbed onto them so tight that they could never escape (they haven’t cottoned on yet so let’s not shine the bright light on this hey?).

My girlfriends are my world…they ‘get me’ and love me HARD! As I do in return. Some of them live so far away that I only get to see them once a year if I’m lucky…but it doesn’t change a thing. The history, the love and the commitment to each other never waivers.

And let’s be honest, you can’t talk to anyone like you can to your closest girlfriends…god knows my husband doesn’t know how to speak past one word. I love the simplicity he brings but I also know my sanity would be seriously compromised if I didn’t have my girls to have ‘real’ conversations with (which includes everything from The Bachelor to The Kardashians and small shit in between).

They say there is a SEVEN year cycle for friendships…and that got me thinking, could it be true? Do your friendships go in seven year cycles?

Mine certainly don’t – I ain’t letting my tribe go EVER! My friendships are LONG, LUSCIOUS and bloody INCREDIBLE!

Monty and Natarsha Belling chat about female friendships…if you love your tribe hard you will love this chat.

Do your friendships go in seven year cycles?

Mary Coustas talked about how the ‘sisterhood’ of  female friendships helped pull her through one of her darkest hours. Have a listen to this extraordinary chat below, then subscribe to our podcast here for more chatty goodness.