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I was five when my parents separated; I still remember them telling me

Monty by Monty
June 28th, 2016

How shit are the divorce stats? We are knocking on 50% of all marriages ending.  Fun one.

My parents divorced when I was five. I vividly remember my mum and dad sitting down next to each other on the coffee table, while my sister and I sat on the couch opposite them.  I don’t remember the words they used but my older sister started crying so I did too.  I made my mum and dad hold hands, I thought if they just held hands they would be ok.

There were some shit years during the divorce, it wasn’t a nice ending and although my mum tried her hardest to keep everything as normal as possible, there is only so much shielding you can do.

I’m not married and to be honest I don’t know if we ever will. I have been with my partner Sam for 12 years and we have two kids together. I am totally committed to him as he is to me, but marriage doesn’t really interest us. Sam’s parents are still wildly in love and I grew up very close to my grandparents who had one of the best relationships I have witnessed, so I know rationally that many marriages can be successful. I assume deep down I have a fear that if I get married it might end and I desperately don’t want that.  Maybe one day we will get hitched, but right now it still isn’t for us.

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