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Let’s ALL be on the right side of history

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
August 15th, 2017

I’ll just put it right out there and say I think this postal plebiscite is complete bullshit…but will I be voting? Hell yes! I’ve watched some of my LGBTQIA friends (also just known as my friends) suffer a lot over the past week. The continued debate over whether their relationships are valid, whether their children are safe and whether they are equal is not just hurtful and frightening, it’s downright unbelievable that we are still having this conversation at ALL.

It’s so embarrassing that Australia is the last developed English-speaking country in the world to pass marriage equality. A $122 million postal vote is a complete waste of money for a ‘survey’ the government doesn’t even have to listen to.  However it is still so important we vote, because we need to scream from the rooftops in every way possible just how ridiculous it is that we are denying people their human right to marry who they love.

So if you’re not enrolled to vote, you need to get on it right now. There is only nine days left to get on the electoral roll or to update your current details. The Australian Electoral Commission estimates 810,904 people are “missing” from the electoral roll, with close to 300,000 of these aged 18-24 years old. Come on Millennials and Gen Y’s we NEED you!

Even if this postal vote is non binding, even if we need to keep fighting, a no or not voting at all gives the politicians further fuel for not passing marriage equality. So get enrolled and vote, vote, VOTE (and make it a YES for equal rights for all).

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Are you enrolled to vote? How to check?

You can check whether you are on the electoral roll and your detail are correct here.  If your details are an exact match you are currently enrolled correctly. If they do not match you can contact the Australian Electoral Commission for more information or enrol or update details here.

Who can enrol?

– If you are an Australian citizen or eligible British subject

– If you are aged over 18 years old or will be 18 years old by the time of the vote.

– If you have lived at your address for at least one month.

When you need to be enrolled by?

You need to be enrolled by the 24th August. That’s just nine days away.

How to enrol?

You can enrol on the Australian Electoral Commission website here. You can also get back on the roll or change details, such a change of address.

If you are enrolling for the first time you will need proof of identification, such as a driver’s licence or passport, or a third party who is currently on the electoral roll to vouch for you.

How to enrol and vote from overseas as Australian citizen?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is conducting the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey and is currently finalising the survey process. It has not been revealed how they will allow people who are overseas (or vision impaired or without access to mail) to vote.

However this information will be revealed at a later date so if you are overseas and not enrolled, get yourself enrolled stat. You can do so here. 

Make your voice count.