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We knew orgasms were good for you, but we had no idea they could do THIS!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 7th, 2017

When I close my eyes and think about the things in life that give me the most genuine, intense pleasure, a few things come to mind. Watching my kids in those uncontrollable, can’t-catch-your-breath fits of laughter. The perfect hamburger. Losing yourself on the dance floor. Incredible conversation. Sleep-ins. And orgasms.

Wanna be THIS happy at work everyday?

Wanna be THIS happy at work everyday?

 While our likes and dislikes in life are varied and wide, our love and appreciation for the human orgasm is pretty universal, wouldn’t you say? I  mean,  who doesn’t like an orgasm? Or want one? To think that our bodies are capable of dishing out such a massive wave of physical pleasure is  pretty wild really.

Now there is some new news that is going to make them even better….not only do they feel good but they could actually be doing great things for our careers.  

 According to a recent study published in the Journal of Management, a night time sex sesh has been shown to improve work performance the  following  day. It was reported that people who had sex the night before a work day were more engaged in their work tasks and generally felt  more positive about their jobs. The benefits were likened to that of exercising, which we all know is good for body and mind. “If you want to  increase wellbeing, this is  something we should be giving more thought to,” said the lead author of the study, Keith Leavitt.

 Now I don’t know about you, but boosting my productivity at work via regular orgasms sounds WAYYYY more appealing than doing some short course at the local TAFE. The best bit is, it doesn’t matter HOW you get your orgasm in, all that matters is that you try to get it in (pun  intended). This could mean spending more time under the sheets with your lover or just more conscious time spent loving yourself. Invest in a new vibrator that does ALL THE GOOD STUFF, buy yourself a sexy new lingerie set or just go for a wander around your local sex shop. Sex and masturbation is free, healthy and above all good for our bodies and minds. So get to it….your body, mind AND your boss will thank you for it.

Are you sold?

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