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Here’s why sisters are simply the best

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 13th, 2016

When I made the decision that I would not have any more children, I felt sad for one main reason. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t hold another baby in my womb, or in my arms, or even that I would never see any of the big “firsts” again.

It was because I felt I was cheating my daughter out of one of the most special relationships in life. The relationship between sisters.

The celebrity world is jam-packed with fabulous sister acts – there’s Beyonce and Solange, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Rooney and Kate, Hilary and Hailey, Gigi and Bella and of course, all the K’s that make up the Kardashian-Jenner gaggle of gals. But last night, we were treated to the best example of beautiful and supportive women, a bond that shone through in the most competitive arena of them all. Venus and Serena Williams, the dynamic duo of the tennis world, slogged it out on centre court in a showdown of the women’s final of the Australian Open. Serena won, but the graciousness and love they showed each other, as sickly as it sounds, was the true winner. The magical pair showed they were truly sisters first, competitors second, and were the epitome of two women who were proud of each other and their amazing achievements.

Venus and Serena. Sisters and bloody legends.

Venus and Serena after last night’s match. Sisters and bloody legends.

To say that my sister Rosina is my rock would be an understatement of epic proportions. I have had many beautiful, strong friendships with incredible women in my life, but there is NOTHING that even comes remotely close to the bond I have with her.

She scored in the olive-skin department. I did not.

She scored in the olive skin department. I did not.

While not all sisters are close, the ones who are will understand the connection and beauty in having a true ally that legitimately wants nothing but the best for you, and you for her. There is no question of ulterior motives because you both know, without a shadow of a doubt, that there simply are none.

Within 0.5 seconds of seeing my face, my sister knows what’s going on in my head. She can get through to me in a way that no one else on the planet can. She can make me see reason in the moments where I have switched off from everyone around me and want nothing more than to spend my days hidden under a doona of despair.

She has loved me, supported me and guided me throughout my whole life. She is the one who has seen me at my rawest, picked me up when I’ve been at my lowest and held me high on her shoulders to show the world how proud she is of me when I have been at my best.

She is the one I always have, and always will, look up to.  She is my sister and I am SO lucky to have her in my life, and in my heart, forever.

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Do you have a close relationship with your sister?