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This woman had sex EVERY DAY for a year

Shannon Kelly by Shannon Kelly
July 6th, 2017

Meet Brittany Gibbons: a beautiful mother of three, an author, body-love advocate and a sex pest. Just kidding, but she did famously have sex with her husband every day for a year. Why? It wasn’t to break into the Guinness Book of World Records for Biggest Dose of Dick-burn; it wasn’t in the hope that her husband would have a stroke nor was it to please him; and it wasn’t even for the doodle. Her goal was to force herself into becoming comfortable with her body.

After her third child arrived, Brittany was in full mum-mode with little time for self-care. Her body had changed and she felt insecure. Her loving husband saw that she was self-conscious, and tried to reassure her she was attractive, which was about as effective as telling a 20-beer dick to harden up. He was hurt that he could not make her feel beautiful, which left Brittany feeling like a bit of an arsehat, but she could not get past her body-hate.

The times Brittany did have sex she couldn’t fully participate because she was too anxious about what was jiggling and flapping around. Many women can relate to this feeling of distraction by their perceived imperfections. Body insecurity is a major antagonist to lady-boners, and no-one wants that because if you RSVP to this particular party then you sure as hell want to come.

The gorgeously confident Brittany Gibbons

The gorgeously confident Brittany Gibbons

Brittany decided to treat this like any other fear: “you make yourself do it until suddenly, you love it” and hatched a plan to have sex every day for a year. Her husband was completely on board and I imagine felt as though he had won the penis-lottery.

At first, the experiment was a huge pain in her arse, and felt like another “chore” at the end of the day. Let’s be honest, sometimes when one is tired, the last thing one wants to do is wash their vagina and shave their legs in preparation for being entered. But, Brittany committed, and before long, it was the part of her day she longed for the most, and she no longer worried about what she looked like: she was free and present. Her insecurities fell away. She enjoyed herself. She saw her beauty and stopped being a jerk to her naked self.

Several years down the track, Brittany and her husband are enjoying a honeymoon phase in their marriage, and continue to play hide the sausage regularly. Brittany is confident and loves her body, and loves sharing her experiences at her blog Brittany Herself (

P.S. I’ve tried Brittany’s tactic, and it works.

P.P.S. But not EVERY day because: Netflix and chafe.

Find Brittany’s book here.

The original article by Brittany Gibbons appeared on the Huffington Post and you can read it here.

What makes YOU feel the most confident in your body?

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