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Ten incredible SEX facts that will blow your mind!

Monty by Monty
July 24th, 2014

Let’s talk about sex baby.  Did you read that or sing that Salt n Pepa style? If you simply read it, go back to the beginning and sing it please.

Thank you.

So in my spare time I Google. A lot. I stubbled across some facts about sex and when I say ‘stumbled,’ I mean I literally googled interesting sex facts.

Below are a list of ten sex facts that I found gob smacking, interesting or simply sexy.

1. The typical female orgasm lasts 25 seconds – RIP OFF!

2.  The clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings… and it doesn’t stop growing. By age 32, your clitoris is four times larger than it was at puberty.

3. Women can have wet dreams too. It happens in the REM cycle (about 90 minutes into your sleep), when blood flow to the vagina increases.


4.  Celery releases odours that make you horny. Whaaaa? crunch crunch

5. Sex during your period can ease menstrual cramps. How romantic.

6. Touching the sides of a man’s torso triggers a nerve that makes his erection harder.

7. Semen isn’t low carb – it’s mostly made of sugar. Haaaa.

kiss8. Making out burns about 20 kilojoules a minute. Who needs the gym?

9. Don’t hold your breath during sex: the more oxygen that gets to your genitals, the more aroused you’ll be. Breathing also prevents passing out. Note: breathing is essential always.

10. Sprinkling salt on your tongue before oral may help lessen your gag reflex. Hmmmm.

Now get busy testing these facts. Or not.

Do you have a sex fact to share?