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3 GREAT reasons to be open minded about period sex

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
May 4th, 2016

I’m a no sex on my period kinda gal, apart from the fact I don’t want my sheets looking like a murder scene,  I generally don’t like people when I’ve got my period. I prefer a block of chocolate, an unwatched episode of Grey’s Anatomy and going to bed alone.

However, a few of my friends have urged me to give it another go. They swear by the monthly blood bonk. Apparently having sex while on your period is the best time to ‘do it’ according to some. There are benefits to it that I had no idea about, but I’m still not sure I’m entirely convinced.

So here are three reasons why we should keep an open mind to period sex:

1. Period sex can help relieve cramps

Apparently orgasms release endorphins which are a natural pain killer and this helps to relieve cramps. They also put you in a better mood. Period cramps suck but surely nurofen can do the trick?

2. It can help shorten your period

WHAAA? This one got my attention. I am open minded to anything that makes it shorter. Having sex and an orgasm increases the endometrial shedding which means that you might bleed a little heavier after sex but it shortens the overall time of your period, sometimes as much as a day or two! So if it’s a bikini kinda weekend then you know what you have to do…

3. It doesn’t have to be messy

Seriously who needs another load of washing especially one with hard to remove stains and I like my linen the color it is, i.e white. So, the answer is towels! Lay that baby down before  doing the deed and voila, clean sheets. Maybe use the already stained towel you don’t use for guests? Kinda takes the spontaneity out of it when you bolt for the crusty brown towel.

Baby wipes are also good for pre-game prep. I mean really what aren’t baby wipes great for? If the idea still freaks you out (as it does me), there’s always the shower…


 The Disclaimer

Don’t believe the rumours that’s can’t get pregnant when you have your period and you’re also slightly more at risk of contracting an STD so it’s definitely not a time forget contraception or condoms.

Do you have sex when you’ve got your period?

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