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EIGHT things you’ll only understand if you have a SISTER

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 13th, 2016

There’s no relationship in the world like sisters. Whether she’s your bestie for life or the bane of your existence, you’re sure to relate to this list of things you’ll only understand if you grew up with a sister…

Your parents constantly get your names confused: They named you themselves, but somehow getting those names straight seems to be a constant struggle for the oldies. Sometimes my mum will be in conversation with me and say, “Rosina, this is how you…” and I have to stop her mid-sentence and say, “Um, my name is Melissa.” This is 100 times worse on the telephone.

Other people don’t get your jokes: Having a sister means that you’re always guaranteed an “in” joke with someone. My sister and I can be literally ROFLing, tears streaming in fits of laughter at a story from our childhood while everyone else just looks on like we’re some sort of possessed hyenas. SO funny for us, not funny for anyone else on the planet.

You remember lines from your favourite movies: Who else is gonna remember Janey’s phone number from Girls Just Want To Have Fun? Only the person you grew up watching it with, of course. By the way, it’s 555-4102.


Before SATC, there was THIS!

She’s one of the only people in your life that will tell you the hard truth: Whether it’s because you’re being a bit of a bratty, over-reacting dickhead or the jacket you’re wearing looks terrible, you can always count on your sister to tell it how it is. No feeling spared.

She knows the most embarrassing things you’ve ever done in your life: But because she’s your sister, she’ll never tell; partly because you’ve got some juicy dirt on her too.

You’ll jump to her defence at all times: Even when she’s wrong. Even when you’ve spent a good hour telling your partner how pissed off you are at her, the minute they say anything remotely negative about her your claws are out and you’re ready to draw blood.  Advice to partners: Always listen, never join in.

She helped you with all the important grooming stuff growing up: Stuff like how to apply eyeliner or teasing your 80’s fringe to get maximum height. She let you borrow her Cutex Blue Opal lipstick but made you massage her stinky feet in return.

Your personalities can be Kardashian-ed: Although their lives are 20,000 times removed from your own, you can relate your sister/s personalities to the Kardashians. My sister is a total, level-headed Kourtney and I’m a loudmouthed, often offensive Khloe. No one wants to be Kim.


Oh, Kim…

Do you have a sister? What would you add to the list?

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