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We are totally with Erin Molan on this. Enough is enough.

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
June 30th, 2016
violence against women

Erin Molan is a woman we have always adored here at Show+Tell…and now even more so since we just filmed an On The Couch with her only a few weeks ago. She has a profound aura about her – smart, funny, kind, and absolutely not afraid to speak out on tough and uncomfortable issues. She has worked her ass off to get where she is and not only has she already broken ground for women in football as the sole female host on the NRL Footy Show but she bravely and willingly uses her profile to shed light on larger issues that affect women. Last night she made perhaps one of her most passionate pleas for domestic violence against women to no longer be excused.

Yesterday, NRL star Semi Radradra was accused of assaulting his ex-partner Perina Ting over a period of eight months. Semi although currently on leave in his native Fiji, has been allowed by the NRL to continue playing.

Erin said on the show, “We are saying to every kid, every teenager, every man out there that it is OK to be violent against a woman.” She also continued by saying NRL could not continue to support domestic violence charities if it supported players that are proven to have committed assaults. “It has to stop, it’s enough.”

Domestic violence is at epidemic proportion in Australia with police responding to 264,028 domestic violence matters each year and women and children being killed at alarming rates. Erin’s heartfelt speech addressed how footballers are getting away with violence because of their status, “it doesn’t matter if you’re a superstar, or you’re on big money or you’re a really big deal. It is not OK, ever.”

We are absolutely with Erin on this and so grateful for her bravery and passion in speaking out about violence against women. Thank you for ‘walking the walk’.

As we mentioned above we recently had the incredible Erin On The Couch and we can’t wait to show you more of our chats with this amazing women very soon.