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Wait, you should spend HOW much on a wedding gift?!

Brooke by Brooke
August 4th, 2016

I love a wedding. I love everything about them, the dressing up part, the champagne part, the eating part, the dancing part, the whole kit and kaboodle. But there is always that moment when you buy something on the gift registry or put money in the wishing well and think, ‘have I spent enough?’ Well my good people, the Editor at Cosmo Bride has answered that question for us and you might want to sit down for this one. My tiny mind has been well and truly blown.

“In my own experience, as a single, I would aim for the $150 mark and now that I’m a couple, we double that,” says Alexis Teasdale from Cosmo Bride. Say what?! So if you and your partner have been taking along a gift to a wedding that falls short of the $300 mark, according the wedding experts, you are being a downright cheapskate.


Alexis does add that if you’re forking out money for a destination wedding that the bride an groom will keep that in mind and won’t expect quite as much. How kind of them.

I absolutely did not expect people to spend that kind of money to come to my wedding. I would hate for anyone to have felt that kind of pressure because there are always other expenses to consider when attending a wedding.

While it’s such a beautiful thing to be invited to a couple’s special day, you have to think about things such as a new outfit (this is a non-negotiable), babysitter, transport, and if it’s a destination wedding there are a whole heap of other expenses thrown in. And now to top it off, you’re expected to not eat for the next two weeks to pay for their gift.

Whatever happened to it being about the thought that counts?

How much do you think is reasonable to spend on a wedding gift?