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This woman is 37 years old. She weighs only 20 kilos. She needs your help.

Monty by Monty
May 22nd, 2015

WARNING: This article contains themes and images that may be distressing for some readers.

At 37 years-old Rachael Farrokh weighs only 20 kilos, that is only a few kilos heavier than my nearly four year old.

Californian based Rachael has been living with anorexia for over 10 years now. Prior to her severe eating disorder she was an aspiring actress and over-achieving academic.

Rachael’s husband of over 10 years, Rod Edmondson, has had to quit his job and become his wife’s full time carer.

They have a hospital bed set up in their home and Rod has to help his wife with everyday tasks like getting dressed. His wife is so weak that he also has to carry her from room to room around their house.

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The terrible disorder has also caused Rachael to suffer from  heart, liver and kidney failure, osteoporosis, blood clots and edema.

Rod spoke to ABC News about the situation he and his wife are currently in, saying; “This disease comes with an incredible amount of pain, emotionally, physically and mentally but it is often oversimplified. People think it’s just about being skinny and that they just need to eat something and it will be all better. The reality is people are hurting so much that they’re trying to make themselves disappear, and if we ignore it we let them. I don’t want this fate for my wife.”

Rachael’s battle has never been more urgent than now with many hospitals unable to help her desperate pleas to get well.

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However, there is one hospital across the country that may be able to help her –  although her odds of recovery are now slim. The cost of the treatment is out of Rachael and Rod’s reach, so the couple are pleading for funds to get her there.

Watch Rachael’s video below. Please note that this video may be disturbing.

Almost 1 in 20 Australians are believed to suffer from eating disorders. They are extremely debilitating both emotionally and physically.  The impact of eating disorders do not just effect the individual but their circle of friends and family as well.

Rod and Rachael before her illness

Rod and Rachael before her illness

Rachael before her illness

Rachael before her illness

To help fund Rachael’s cause click here. 

For help and support for eating disorders, contact the Butterfly Foundation‘s National Support and online service on 1800 ED HOPE (1800 33 4673) or at