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We all have a guilty pleasure; what is yours?

Vanessa Cryer by Vanessa Cryer
February 12th, 2015

It might be something you don’t like to talk about. You may keep it a closely guarded secret from your partner & even your best friends. Those little fascinations that hold a special place in your heart, even if you can’t fully explain or understand WHY. But a new year means a fresh start & whilst I haven’t made any resolutions, I figured the time was right to come clean about my guilty pleasures. I have three pretty serious ones that can border on unhealthy obsessions, but I’m finally ready to admit to some of my weirder addictions. Here goes!

  1. The Bold & the Beautiful

My name is Ness & I’m a Boldaholic.

brYep, I love the daytime soap The Bold & the Beautiful & I love it something fierce. It’s an easy guilty pleasure to hide if you conveniently find yourself at home at 430pm on a weekday, able to escape reality with a cast of ridiculously good-looking people who stare into space for an inordinate amount of time. Yet I have a full-time job which gets in the way, meaning I have to IQ each episode so I can watch the scandalous lives of the Forresters when I get home.

That’s right. Though the entire genre is designed for you to miss months at a time & still know what the hell is going on – I can’t bear to miss an episode! I even find myself picking sides in the latest love triangles. For those playing at home, I’m totally team Steffy (well, it’s more like Team Ivy these days) over Team Hope, just like I’ve always been Team Taylor over Team Brooke. Apparently I have a real beef with the Logan women… and don’t pretend there’s some of you who don’t know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

  1. Pens-apalooza

hyIt’s not just outrageous soap operas that float my boat. My love for stationery knows no bounds. The idea of a combined Officeworks, Smiggle & Typo is my idea of utter Utopia. I actually miss being a student because any new school year – hell, EVERY new school term – meant there was a legit excuse to buy up big on all the good stuff.

Post-it notes, unblemished notebooks, highlighters, writing sets, mini staplers & the ultimate accessory for any stationary nerd – pens. Any pens. All pens. Novelty pens. When Pentel released those Hybrid Gel Pens I really, truly lost my tiny mind. If you were one of the chosen few I allowed to use these preciouses under the life-threatening stare of DON’T PRESS TOO HARD!!, you better believe I had you place them back in the correct order with their caps firmly pressed on so you heard that delightful little ‘click’.

A real treat now is finding a diary with an embossed finish, the rare delight of a wax seal or the giddy joy I experience when addressing an envelope with nibs from my calligraphy set.

  1. Daggy pop music

pA cracking pop song is like my Kryptonite. I’m powerless against their cheesy goodness – the daggier the better. I’m not talking about your universally acceptable pop like Pink or Justin Timberlake, I’m talking Miley’s Party in the USA, MmmBop by Hanson, Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl, Hold On by Wilson Phillips… you get the idea. Because there Ain’t no Party like an S Club Party and if you name any shamefully awesome pop tune, it’s a guarantee that I’m gonna love it.

I tried to hide it for as long as I could but there comes a time (for me it was going to see 5ive when most of my friends were gagging to see Silverchair) that you realise it’s pointless to fight the inevitable. Don’t get me wrong – I love alternative, rock & indie music just as much as the next guy. But you’re not likely to get shamed for loving a bit of Chet Faker or Alt-J, are you? It’s when you have to listen to your 90s boy bands in secret instead of voting in Triple J’s Hottest 100 that you realise you could be on your own. Because apparently not everyone shares your love of synchronised dance moves performed by adult males.

But you need to own it. Like these boys did by wholeheartedly embracing their love for a bit of Tay-Tay


What’s your guilty pleasure?