How the fuck do you keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig alive?

Monty by Monty
March 12th, 2017

There are few things in life that keep me awake more at night than my bloody fiddle leaf fig. Blessed life indeed, but seriously keeping my fiddle alive is taking more maintenance than my very needy and pesty children.

I purchased my first fiddle around four years ago. That guy is no longer with us and several of his pals have joined him in figgy heaven.

I’m rubbish when it comes to keeping plants alive, I’ve even managed to kill many a succulent in my life time and those babies are indestructible.

I thought the fiddle was a low maintenance pup but in actual fact it is a wild and temperamental beast. I know I am not alone in my fiddle stress. I popped a picture of my sad looking plant on Instagram and the comments came in thick and fast. The fiddle is a prick but I WILL NOT GIVE UP.

So fellow fig owners, I have done some serious and deep investigation on the best way to nurture our other children.

ff1. Water – Don’t be heavy handed when watering this plant. Finger your plant to see if just under the top layer of soil is ‘moist’. If so, it does NOT need more water. If it is dry under the first layer of soil give it a drink.

2. Light – These plants love to be in a light filled room but NOT in direct sunlight.

3. Clean – Make sure you use a cloth and get the dust off the leaves. The dust can sometimes block the light receptors.

4. Food – In the warmer months give your fiddle some fertiliser every 4-6 weeks. Ask your local plant peeps what they recommend.

5. Pot – If the roots start to come out the bottom of your pot it is time for a bigger pot. Just transfer your fiddle over to a larger pot and add some more soil to it.

If all that fails just THROW THE MOLE OUT!

Good luck.

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