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This act of kindness will blow your mind. Every mum will relate.

Brooke by Brooke
October 5th, 2015

I have been that woman. The one on the plane with a baby who wasn’t happy. The pacing of the aisles and all the jiggling in the world was not helping. I could feel every set of eyes on me – the annoyed ones, the empathetic ones, and the righteous ones that had babies that never cried (or so they remember). So, of course this story and these photos made me tear up BIG time.  I want to hug this woman so hard.

A mum was boarding a flight from Chicago to Atlanta with her four month old daughter Rylee,  who was not a happy camper when she took her seat on the plane. “I could tell as soon as they saw me coming their way they were not thrilled. We sat down and she started crying, and I was trying to get her bottle out of the bag,” the new mum tells.

After take-off the distressed mum moved to two empty seats in front of her hoping that more room would help her settle her baby. Not only did the window seat passenger where she took her new seat, Nyfesha Miller, refrain from rolling her eyes like the other passengers, but she offered to help soothe the crying baby.

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New mum Rebekka Garvison with baby Rylee and the stranger, Nyfesha Miller, who showed her the biggest act of kindness.

Nyfesha, a frequent traveller and a mother-of-three, held baby Rylee to the window and showed her the city lights. Soon after the baby soon fell asleep, and stayed in her arms for the duration of the flight. Yep, the WHOLE flight.

Now, that my friends, is what the sisterhood is all about.