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These two women have been best friends for 94 years…this is hilarious!

Stacey by Stacey
May 9th, 2015

These two gorgeous women Irene and Alice have been best friends for 94 years, they are now 100 years old…in this interview they are asked their opinion about things that are happening in our society today, and their responses are bloody hilarious. But even more incredible is the bond they have, Irene’s little hand resting on Alice’s knee at the end when they realise what BFF stands for.

This is what life is all about…imagine sitting around with your best friend of 94 years talking about how much the world has changed around you. Geeeeewiz…there would be some very funny convo’s. I can’t wait til the day when me and my girlfriends are retired, old and well…have just completely lost touch with what’s current. That will be the funniest time of our lives.