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10 signs you are a bonafied adult.

Stacey by Stacey
November 18th, 2014

It has recently hit me that I am a bonafied grown up. I’m 34 years old with two kids, a ring on my finger and monthly bills that I actually don’t avoid paying. This adult business has crept up on me like a sneaky grass snake.

Below is the adult checklist. If you relate to 8 out of the 10 points, I am here to break it to you that you are also the dirty A word (… an Adult)

1.  You sip on vino instead of sculling beer, vodka or throwing back shots.

Adult Checklist - Did the snake get you?

2.  You thoroughly enjoy conversations about wine, and are quite ok with the ‘wine wanker’ title.

3.  You eat stinky blue cheese, Brie and ‘lavosh’ biscuits instead of BBQ shapes.

4.  Your outings often consist of a mini maestro’s session, baby chinos and three trips to the supermarket in one day.

5.  Spontaneous catch up’s no longer exist. Dates for lunch, dinner or even a coffee are made sometimes a month in advance and cancelled 18 times before it actually happens.

6.  You talk about the best cleaning products on the market.

7.  You spend your money on home wares instead of clothes and alcohol. You also get the same rush from purchasing a new print for your living room as you used to having a vodka breezer.

Adult Checklist - Did the snake get you?

8.  You head straight for the shade at the beach, instead of slapping reef oil on and having a tanning competition.

9.  You talk about the ‘good old’ days like they were 50 years ago not two years ago.

10.  The thought of going out on a Saturday night stays at simply that, a thought.

How did you go? Did the grass snake get you too or are you still running young and free?