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I am pregnant and I still drink wine. Do you judge me?

Monty by Monty
December 25th, 2014

Drinking while pregnant is something people seem to either be okay with or totally against. Now we are all adults here so I am obviously not talking about guzzling vodka or throwing back cock-sucking-cowboy shots, I’m talking about the occasional glass of wine.

While pregnant with my second little guy Arlo, I was at a 40th Birthday party. I was chatting with a fellow party guest who I had not met before. To exit the conversation he said he was off to the bar (as we all do, it’s always the bar or toilet). He asked if he could get me a “still or sparkling water”, when I replied with “I’d love a glass of red”, he looked at me like I had just shot his kitten. He was not impressed and his face told me so. I immediately felt embarrassed, judged and like a bad mum. He walked off and came back with a glass of red and a side joke of ‘let me know if you want a ciggie with that too’.

I was pissed, and not the alcohol kind of pissed.

preggoIn terms of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, I’m squeaky bloody clean. I’m a big fat bore who sits on her couch and gets excited when I have several episodes of Beverly Hills Housewives to catch up on. This is pretty much what my life looks like when I am growing a child or not…and I love it. I also love having a glass of red wine and I also love it when I’m not being judged for my choices.

I understand the consequences of drinking too much while pregnant and I’m of course not promoting that, I am however, saying that if I choose to sip on an alcoholic beverage with my expanding belly, it’s my prerogative.

While I’m being honest I will also admit that I am still ate  ham, like heaps of it. Sometimes it was a couple of days old too. I also eat leftovers that had been in the fridge for more than 24 hours and I had my eggs runny.

I didn’t believe having a little bit of any of these things was going to change the outcome of my babies health and it didn’t.

Did you drink during your pregnancy or avoid alcohol?