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Am I as bad as Kim Kardashian?

Monty by Monty
March 13th, 2013

If you missed the insane pics of Kim Kardashian’s bloody face yesterday, here they are. Wowsa, seriously big Wowsa. This is nuts, not to mention completely vulgar to look at. Kim Kardashian, who is growing mini Kanye inside her, has completely lost the beauty plot.

There is a new fad in ‘La La Looney Land’ called the ‘Vampire Facial’. Picture a beautiful warm room, scented candles, relaxing music and a delicious soothing facial. Now think the opposite of that and you have yourself a Vampire facial.

I’m all for looking youthful and awesome, but if that means getting blood taken out of my arm and injected into my face…. I’m out!

On the ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’ reality TV show, Kim spends $1,000 on this facial. It literally involves taking blood from her arm, the blood is then spun around at a super duper speed to remove the platelets, and then they then put this blood on and IN Kim’s face with little needles. Yuck.


There are so many crazy beauty treatments you can dabble in. I ‘aint talking Botox or laser hair removal either.

 How does a ‘womb room’ float your boat? Water beds, dim lighting, womb-type noises playing and a colour scheme of pink and red. The “womb room” is designed to make you relaxed. Whaaaa?


Perhaps a bird poo, placenta or bull semen facial floats your boat? These facials sit around the $250 mark. I’m not sure your local ‘Ella Bache’ takes part in these treatments but by all means pop in your request.


I must admit that I once tried a rather bonkers beauty treatment. It was a part of a ‘wacky’ radio stunt. I was dared to get a snake massage. Yes, a massage done by snakes! This is an actual beauty treatment in some parts of the world. I had to lay on a  massage table while a big ass snake was placed on my bare back. It was quite possibly the most unrelaxing experience of my life. The snakes are meant to help you de-stress. Hmmmm, don’t think so!

snakes getting placed on my bag for a 'de-stress' massage.

Snakes getting placed on my bag for a ‘de-stress’ massage.

Does this make me as bad as Kim Kardashian? Impossible, right?

What beauty treatments have you tried that are a little ‘out of the box’?