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Is this Australia’s biggest newborn? WA mum gives birth to giant baby

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 2nd, 2016

In news that has us crossing our legs VERY tightly, Perth mother Breanna Sykes has given birth to what is possibly Australia’s biggest baby on record. The adorable little boy called Ziad was born at Joondalup Health Campus on Saturday weighing in at an incredible 5.9kg, or 13.2 pounds.  Yowza.

Breanna said that doctors had warned her that her baby would be large, estimating his weight at eight or nine pounds, but were floored at his actual size when Ziad was born via caesarian section (thank GOD for mum).

Longer than a loaf of bread....

Longer than a loaf of bread….

Zias towers over little Jaisal Purewal, who is a teeny 2.8kg

Ziad towers over little Jaisal Purewal, who is a teeny 2.8kg

Breanna told PerthNow, “My waters broke, and I was fully dilated, but the pain was too much.”

“I was having an anxiety attack so they had to put me under anaesthetic.

“When I woke up they told me I had a 13.2 pound (5.9 kg) baby.”

Breanna and her gorgeous boy, Ziad

Breanna and her gorgeous boy, Ziad

When my daughter was born, she was six pounds (2.7kg) and I remember looking at her and thinking “how did she fit in there?” I can’t even imagine how squished Ziad was, being well over double that size…or how uncomfortable Brianna’s pregnancy must have been.

Most importantly, Breanna reports that Ziad is perfectly healthy, describing him as “just so chunky, beautiful, very chubby, cuddly and sleepy.”
What a spunk. Good work, Breanna. You’re our hero.

How big were your babies at birth?