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Hack- ripen a rock hard avo quickly

Monty by Monty
April 21st, 2016

Shit y’all, this could be a game changer.

I love a hack as much as the next person but sometimes there is no way I will actually use them. I often look at them and think how crafty they are and ‘ooh and ahh’ over them, but then never actually put the hack into practice.

But then I saw two words AVOCADO HACK and I was like SHIT YEAH! I’ll totes use this hack

My family could seriously live off two food items, one being the banana and the other being the avo. My kids devour both by the bucket load and I feel like I’m winning at parenting when I see them bite and swallow something that doesn’t come out of a packet, or as my son says, ‘something from the cupboard’.  Seriously my four year old is obsessed with our pantry, even when he is eating dinner he will say “I’m hungry, I need something from the cupboard’. The cupboard is where the fun shit is kept and he knows it well.

I have got off track of my avo hack, allow me to continue.

Avo’s are pricey and on top of that they are a lucky dip. Nothing more devastating that cracking into one and it is brown and bruised and you try your best to get around the foul parts but it is tricky and irritating. It pains me to throw $4 in the bin.

Then there is the other spectrum where the whole array of avo’s on display at the supermarket are ROCK HARD! You know they’re going to be uneatable but you purchase anyway and watch them like eggs about to hatch. You give them the odd squeeze as you walk past your fruit bowl in hope they have ripened enough to eat. Then you miss a day or two and they over ripen and then BIN!

kiFeeling my pain?

So to reduce to tears over avocado’s and get belly aches from eating them unripe I present to you a cracker hack.

What you need for this hack is your rock hard avo, some foil, an oven and 10 minutes of your time.

Set you oven to 120 degrees fan forced. Wack you avo in and feel it after 10 mins. It will be hot so watch your fingies.

It takes away a little of the flavour but when you can deal with that, just add shit loads of salt and pepper. I’m off to try this now, let me know how you go.

M xx