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Is it okay to take a baby to the movies? (we’re talking Gold Class here!)

Brooke by Brooke
October 17th, 2016

The other day I  took myself off to the movies. On. My. Own. It was heaven. Before I had my little babe, I used to do this quite a bit. In fact, I had a little ritual in which every Friday afternoon I would take myself on a solo date to the movies. I worked in breakfast radio/TV and this means I started early and finished in the afternoon when no one else was around, but truth to told, even if I did have friends around, I liked going on my own and probably would have anyway.

So the other weekend, I relived my wild old days and took myself on a hot movie date. This time I booked myself into gold class, yes, indulgent I know, but seriously, it’s been like 647 years since I’ve been to the movies, so why not.

When I turned up in the gold class lounge I saw a couple with their newborn baby strapped to their chest walking around the corridors. I had a little peek in their baby bjorn and gave them one of those knowing ‘I-too-have-had-a-newborn-how-cool-and-hard-and-crazy-is-it’ smiles – you know the one. And then off I walked into the big, dark, quiet cinema and thought no more of it.

Then, while feeling so happy chowing down on my popcorn and sipping on my diet coke ON MY OWN… I heard a baby cry. Yep. Right there in the cinema. I looked around, I wasn’t in a mums and bubs session, was I? No, definitely not. The cry stopped, and I forgot about it. But then it started again, a few more times. It became obvious, the cute little newborn bundle I saw earlier was sitting in here with us.

LightHouse2 B

All babies are this well behaved at the cinema, right?

Wow. That was my first thought. Props to these parents. There is absolutely NO WAY I would have ever taken my newborn reflux-ridden daughter to the movies with my partner and I. It would never have been an option. So I was damn impressed, and kinda jealous they could do this.

These new parents having their baby at the cinema with them didn’t bother me at all. This little baby was kind of a superstar and only cried a handful of times and not for long. Good for them. But not everyone felt the same way I did.

There was a lot of ‘tsking’ and people talking under their breath when the baby made noises. And I can understand that too. I guess if you’ve gone out to Gold Class for a special occasion, or  have got away from the kids to treat yourself for a date, you may not want to hear another kid crying. Because let’s face it, if you did, you could have stayed at home. So I totally get it. But these parents made no apologies.

They stayed until the end and didn’t duck out while it was still dark and before the credits started rolling (which I would have totes done). They were the parents that had clearly made the decision that a baby was going to fit in around their life, not the other way around. And hey, if you can do that, good luck to you I say!

Do you think it’s okay to bring a baby to a (non mums-and-bubs) movie session?