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6 baby names that are real winners

Monty by Monty
May 16th, 2016

Choosing the name for a mini human is stressful. I reckon I spent close to 683 hours googling names and reading baby name books during my two pregnancies. We didn’t find out if a peen or vag was sprouting inside of me either, so we had to think of the perfect name for boy or gal. I equally loved and hated the name deciding process. I would get really attached to a name and my partner would screw up his face or he would text me saying ‘I’VE GOT IT’ then deliver a name that made me nauseas. Getting both of us on the same page was not an easy feat, but we got there by delivery time and still love the names we decided on. (Two boys, Baxter and Arlo).

I still find myself thinking about names for a possible third bebe. Right now in the thick of two needy rat bag boys though, the name may never get used. We will see.

I stumbled across an article with some names that are Shakespearean. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you call your tot Lady MacBeth, but there were quite a few I liked. My knowledge of Shakespeare goes as far as the Romeo & Juliette movie with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, so I didn’t even realise these names came from the pages of Shakespeare plays.

Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)

There was a Beatrice before Fergie’s girl Princess Beatrice, she was one of Shakespeare’s most feminist characters. She was a witty dame.


Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

A clever but mischievous little elf.  Cute!


Helena (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

A real romantic.


Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Princess of Fairies.f

Rosalind (As You Like It)

She spends most of her days dressed as a boy. (I do too, not a bad thing)


Hal (Henry IV Part 1)

This was the nickname for Henry IV, then he got all serious and stuff and didn’t like his nickname anymore.


What is your all time fave name?