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7 baby names taken from TV shows – These are goodies!

Monty by Monty
June 16th, 2016

I’m not pregnant and don’t plan on getting knocked up again any time soon, but I LOVE thinking of baby names. I always ask people what their kids names are and I have a mental filofax of kids names incase we decide to breed again.

My son’s are called Baxter and Arlo. I stole them from other people, no original story to their names. I still love what we called them but also found it so bloody hard making a final decision. I had a bucketload of girls names, but I find boys names trickier.

The other day I was reading an article of names that were taken from TV shows. Some are pretty bloody cute too.

What are your kids names? Where did you get them from?

Blair -  From Gossip Girl


Winnie - The Wonder Years


Barney - How I Met Your Mother


Mindy - The Mindy Project


Don - Mad Men


Petra - Jane The Virgin


Jed - The Night Manager (a female character)


  • Lil

    My two girls are named Mackenzie and Jamison….if we had a son, he would have been called Campbell. No back stories, it just seems like we like surnames as first names.

  • Rachael

    We were very close to calling our girl Mallory inspired by family ties but I then went off it for us.

  • Show+Tell

    Oh so cute – what did you call her instead Rachael? Thanks heaps for sharing x

  • Show+Tell

    Oh my god – us too Lil – Surnames galore. HA! Thanks for sharing. Stace x

  • Gabby

    I have a Lilie after my Grandma, and my other daughter is Daisy….just cos I love it! 2 flowers! (I could do Poppy too, if I wasn’t finished.

  • Show+Tell

    Oh so cute – LOVE those names. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you shouldn’t be done. Poppy is ADORABLE!! Ha x