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I have been nailing parenting without even knowing it and I reckon you might be too

Monty by Monty
June 1st, 2015

This piece is brought to you by Johnson’s

I’ve always been big on bath time at our place. It’s the time of night when I feel as though we have made it through another day and sometimes that is a task in itself. It also means bed time is within fingers reach. BLISS!

How ace are kids when they are sleeping? I love my mini men so hard the second their eyes close and I have silence. My kids are so much more adorable and awesome in hindsight (mean mummy).

Ever since my first son was born, bath time was a part of our nightly routine. Even if our day time routine got out of whack, at 6pm every night the mini man was in a blissful bath followed by a little massage. I grew up with my mum using Johnson’s products on me and my sister, and I still use them on my kidlets too and the smell takes me wayyyyy back. Did you know scent is the most emotive of our senses? That’s why when you smell something familiar (like the soft scent of baby products), your memory is immediately transported back in time like you were almost there again!

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I have tried to continue this ritual with my second, but with a toddler splashing around down the other end of the bath and belting out Bob the Builder at the top of his lungs, it takes a little slice out of the bliss.

boI do enjoy our bath time ritual but to be honest I never gave it much more thought than getting my sweaty little beings squeaky clean. I had no idea just how important a ritual like bath time was for their overall development.

Johnson’s have done extensive research into the power of multi-sensorial experiences revealing why bath time means so much more than just cleaning your bub’s bot and why this daily ritual can help babies ability to learn, think, love and grow…
The findings show that simple little things like babies playing with bubbles in the bath helps their co-ordination and bath time music and singing helps to stimulate parts of the brain that help memory. Sing Bob The Builder until your heart is content. Can he fix it? Yes, he bloody can!

Little massages after a warm little bubble bath also help to increase a babies alertness and that close and relaxing contact also helps to slow the babies breathing which calms the tiny tot.

And let’s be honest the aim of the game is to get the little eyes to close for a full UNINTERRUPTED nights sleep. A bath time ritual can often help with this ambitious goal.

I like knowing that in a little way I have aced parenting without even knowing it. High fives to bath time ah?

*Johnson’s products have been used on babies for over 120 years. Their products are gentle on babies skin and that familiar scent is something millions of us have grown up with. I have always been a fan of the top-to toe bath, baby shampoo, body lotion and then baby powder yumness- How delish is a baby’s bum with this powder on it!

Is bath-time something that is a bit of a ritual at your place?