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30 ways to be a better person

Ashe Davenport by Ashe Davenport
March 2nd, 2013
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At the beginning of each year, I find myself inspired by all manner of ambitious aspirations for the year ahead… Exercise more, smoke less, be a better daughter/lover/friend/sister, find a good therapist, a better job, have more patience, make more money, learn a language, eat healthier, drink less coffee/more water, find love, meditate twice a day and figure out what I want to do with my life.

*vomits into the paper bin under desk*

Seven months in and I’m still working too much, driving to the shops and sipping lattes like m&m’s… But instead of feeling guilty I’ve decided to pay a little revisit to my resolutions. Every year we pile these enormous tasks on our shoulders and go marching off (hungover as a sailor) wearing a little pasted-on smile. The pressure! Why not break it down into bite-sized, achievable pieces instead of focusing on the big, overwhelming changes?

What are some cute tweaks you can make to your life that will result in lasting positive change? Ones you can actually stick to and feel an overwhelming sense of achievement come 2017?

Here’s 30…
1. Register and top up your myki online.
Avoid the inevitable disdain for all humankind while waiting in line at a station as your train slowly coasts away.

images-12. Squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste tube.
A tiny, everyday practice in efficiency and self-discipline.

3. Pick a different banger song to wake up to every morning.
SUGGESTION: The title track from ‘Grease’.

4. Listen to This American Life.
Want to learn about the invention of money, how to get through a break up and Poland’s intense political divide as well as the fact that their version of So You Think You Can Dance is just called You Can Dance? Get smart here. 

5. Help the war on machines by stealing the occasional item at the self-serve checkout.

6. Send a postcard.
Why do postcards only happen on holidays? Send one to a friend just because. Guaranteed day brightener!

7. Dance.
In your living room, at a salsa club with a tiny yet unnervingly powerful Colombian man, under the stars at a music festival: dance when you get the chance™ (streisandsuperman). It makes you happy, in turn making you nicer.


8. Check for cyclists before opening your car door.

9. Go to the movies alone.
This is a great way to restore and rejuvenate. It also makes you seem cool/interesting.

10. Give blood.
Saving lives and free food. #seeya

11. Sign out of your social media accounts for one whole day every week.
Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and sexiness of the physical world for exactly 24 hours.

12. Watch Australian movies.

13. Go to your friend’s gig even when it’s raining.


Lena Dunham from Girls.

14. Don’t hate Lena Dunham.
It makes you smell like jealousy/misogyny.

15. Buy affordable art.
Rose Street market needs you.

16. Walk to get places.
Apparently one day you open your eyes and realise you’re 80. Life is a flash in the pan. Take your time where poss.

17. Pick up knocked over bicycles.
It takes two seconds and you feel like an angel. A real one.

18. Talk politics.
You’ll need: 1 x newspaper.

19. Pick a charity.

20. Get an rdio/spotify account.
If you support music’s ongoing existence it’s the absolute least you can do.

21. Make a make-out mix.
Make love to it.

22. Buy free range.

23. Wear an outfit that slaps people in the face.
In a FUN way!

24. Have a birthday party.
This is the one event of the year where you get to do exactly what you want – Day/night/themes that have been done to death. I’m so bored of people being shy about their birthdays. Go for it.

25. Save $1,000 by next new years.

26. Ask your parents for gardening advice.
It marks the transition from surly, life-sucking teen to wholesome real person. They’ll love it.

27. Wash your teaspoons as you go.
As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never leave that ‘til tomorrow which you can do today.” I think that applies here.

28. Rinse.
Post-hand washing and pre-dishwasher stacking. (I’ll be watching)

29. Don’t worry about getting older.
Too late? A quick review of ‘Death Becomes Her’ will sort you out.

30. Worry more about being brave.

Until next time friends. Like Nina Simone used to say… It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… And I’m feelin’ good.

Best –
A. x