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Bec Judd hits back at skinny shamers

Chloe James by Chloe James
October 30th, 2014
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After years of being scrutinised for her body, Bec Judd has hit back at the skinny shamers, saying, “we are all different and we are all NORMAL.”
Bec’s weight has been a topic of controversy since she hit celeb status, often being called ‘alarmingly thin’ on more than one occasion.
On her blog, Rebecca Judd Loves she wrote  that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and that “This is the message we need to project, not “Is Rebecca Judd a bad role model for being thin?” Seriously?”

“Lets ignore the fact that I’m never sick, am super fertile, have delivered 2 x big, healthy babies, have the energy to work a million jobs and have ALWAYS looked like this shall we?” She continued. “Let’s educate our children on what it takes to be healthy- that is a good diet and exercise. Let’s not educate them on how to bitch and judge other women’s body types. If you’re skinny or bigger but you’re healthy, that is all that matters — that needs to be the message.”

Bec also posted this picture on her blog to emphasis the skinny genes that run in her family,  and how her frame remained tiny even while heavily pregnant.

Bec Judd

Well said Bec, as long as she is healthy and happy let’s leave this woman alone and support each other, not tear each other down.