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S+T’s Winter Series- The must re-watch flicks from your past

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 15th, 2014

Picture this, it’s Saturday night. The wind is howling and the thought of getting out of your trackies is as appealing as the first bikini wax after a loooong winter.

Take advantage of the shitful weather and host a girl’s night in/film fest with your closest friends. Organise it at your place so you don’t have to get off the couch AT ALL, order in food and fire up the DVD player. Better still, make it a full-blown slumber party.  If your bed-to-guest ratio doesn’t measure up, kick it old school and get everyone to bring blankets and pillows and sleep together in the lounge room…..just like when you were 13.

Because we’re quite fond of a sleepover here at Show and Tell, we’ve got your night completely covered. We’ve got a series of Top Ten DVD’s for you and we’ve covered all bases – tearjearkers, 90’s, thrillers and the definitive list dedicated to the queens of the chick flick – the Jennifer Aniston / Kate Hudson combo.

First up – it’s the 80’s!  What could make your girly sleepover more authentic than watching the movies that you actually would have watched with your friends as a kid?

So pull up your leg warmers, get out the hair crimper and let’s go waaaaay back……

1. Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Who the hell DIDN’T want to be on Dance TV? SJP’s finest hour. Carrie who??

2. Weird Science – Two friends create their perfect woman with a computer whilst wearing bras on their heads. Kelly LeBrock was THE SHIZ back then.

3. Heathers – Four friends, three called Heather, one called Veronica. Lots of murder and lots of the gorgeous Christian Slater.

4. Some Kind of Wonderful – Tomboy realises she’s in love with her best friend when he starts dating prettiest, richest, most popular girl at school.

5. Can’t buy me love – School ‘nerd’ buys his way into the heart of most popular girl in school and becomes ultra popular. Of course, things go awry.

6. Flashdance – Construction worker with a dream to become a dancer moonlights in a dance club. Think leotards, sweat and legwarmers.

80's 1 Collage.jpg

7. Pretty in Pink – Molly Ringwald was the queen of the 80’s. Rich, hot guy falls in love with girl from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’. Killer soundtrack.

8. Breakfast Club – I have no words for this one….if you haven’t seen it please, please trust me. Timeless.

9. Princess Bride – So much more than a fairtytale – sword fights, princesses AND Andre the Giant.

10. Labyrinth – David Bowie in tights might sound unattractive now but back then……

11. Desperately Seeking Susan – Lots of lace, teased hair and THAT jacket. Madonna was the coolest.

12. St. Elmo’s Fire – The quintessential  ‘coming of age’ drama with the original Brat pack. Mmmmm, Rob Lowe in his prime.

80's 2 Collage.jpg

Yes, it was supposed to be a Top Ten, but whittling my list down to 12 was VERY difficult. What about The Outsiders? 16 Candles?  Less than Zero? Pump Up The Volume? I know, I know…..

These movies are screaming to be served with the ultimate party platter of yesteryear – party pies, sausage rolls, cocktail frankfurts and mini dim-sims. Don’t forget the midnight snacks and if you want take the authenticity up a notch – don’t forget the six pack of West Coast Coolers.

What is your favourite 80’s movie?