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Top 5 Beauty Products Under $10 that will change your life!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 14th, 2015

I LOVE my beauty stuff, but I also love saving a buck or two where I can.

When we find products that actually work and will cost you less that a sandwich from the food court, then we want you to know about them. Here are our faves:

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set – $5.10

I swear to GOD that this is THE BEST eyebrow product I have ever used. In my life. I can’t personally vouch for the dark powder, but as a blonde, the fairer side is the shiz because it can be tricky to find a good brow product that doesn’t have a warm/red tone to it.

This baby is the perfect, ashy (but not TOO ashy) shade. It’s a powder formula that doesn’t budge and comes with eyebrow stencils and a teeny brush that is actually really good for getting into those little sparse areas. At this price, buy a couple in case they ever get discontinued.

essence eyebrow

Maybelline Express Remover Nail Polish Remover – $9.95

This may be the laziest statement ever made, but taking nail polish off is bloody annoying. If you’re like me and favour dark fingertips but wind up letting them chip so your look is more Courtney Love than Kourtney Kardashian, then you need this nail polish remover in your life.

No searching the bottom of the bathroom draw for cotton balls anymore. This remover comes in its own little pot and all you have to do is stick your finger in, give it a swirl and presto – nail polish is OFF!

maybelline express

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings – $10.95  (

Ok, I’ve officially gone 95 cents over my budget, but there are three in a pack, so they’re really only $3.65 each – and they are worth every single cent.

You know that annoying kink you get in your hair from tying it in a ponytail? Say arrivederci to that, because these spiral hair ties leave no ponytail indentations, so you’re free to tie those locks up high and swing them around like Madonna in the 80’s.


Models Prefer Infinite Lip Liner in Clearly Sealed – $9.99

“Why do I need a clear lip liner?” I hear you ask. Here’s why: lip liners are traditionally used as a base for lipstick and to help form a barrier to stop your lipstick from bleeding. Basically, it makes your lipstick last longer and stops you from looking like you’ve just had a big sloppy snog when you’ve really just had a bite of your sandwich.

The beauty of a clear lip liner is that it still does all this, but lets your true lipstick colour be the star of the show. It also stops the need to buy a matching lip liner to suit your lipstick, so it’s really saved you HEAPS of cash. You’re welcome.

models prefer

Le Tan Application Mitt – $9.99

Stop using gloves and definitely stop using your bare hands…we can all see those stains, no matter how hard you’ve scrubbed. This baby protects your hands, ensures even application and best of all can be handwashed and re-used until it basically falls apart…which won’t happen for ages.

Give it a try and get perfecting that tan in time for summer!

le tan ap mit

All items (except the Invisibobble) can be found at Priceline.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just spend A LOT of time in Priceline.

Do you have any cheap beauty finds to share with us?