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Would you carry your best friend’s baby? I would struggle

Monty by Monty
May 16th, 2016

About six years ago my best mate Stace and I had a conversation about carrying each others child if we ever needed to. At that stage we were a little way off having babies so it was an easy decision to make. We both said yep, no worries, of course we would.

Fast forward about a year and Stace was ready to start her family and she found out she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). As you can imagine the conversation we had the previous year played in my head a lot. Stace was trying to fall pregnant and not a lot was happening. A part of me was thinking ‘fuck, this might not happen’. The week she booked in to look into the IVF process, she fell pregnant. If I’m being honest I took a sigh of relief. Relief that my best mate was pregnant with the baby she wanted so much and also relief that we would never have to bring our chat into reality.

Stace is more than my best friend, she is my family, so if push came to shove and I was her only option to be her surrogate, I would. But it wouldn’t be an easy decision for me. Being a surrogate to a best friend would be a huge undertaking, more so in the emotional department than physical. I’m glad I’m not faced with this because I’m not sure if I would have the ability to mentally separate growing the child and it not being mine.

When you have exhausted all of your options to fall pregnant though, do you turn to a friend and ask them to do you a solid? Like a seriously big fucking solid?

This is an incredible story of two besties who have recently been through what is seriously like a movie script. The besties shared their story on 60 minutes last night.

With over 21 rounds of IVF and four miscarriages, it was obvious that for Lauren and her husband Myron that having a baby was just not going to happen.

Then Lauren’s best friend, Rosie who was a mother of three, acted as the surrogate mum of Lauren and Myron’s twins.

Rosie (left carried twins for her bestie Lauren (right)

Rosie (left carried twins for her bestie Lauren (right)

THEN, just weeks before Rosie gave birth to her besties babies, Lauren found out she was pregnant. A miracle baby indeed.

Lauren and Mayon's kids.

Lauren and Mayon’s kids.

The twins call Rosie their tummy mummy and the whole process, even though a challenging one for both women, has brought them even closer.

There really is nothing more incredible you could give someone than a baby and for a best friend to do that is a truly amazing gift.

The girls chat about the incredible story below.

Do you think you would act as a surrogate for your best friend?