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These FIVE bags are essential! ESSENTIAL!

Brooke by Brooke
May 20th, 2016

These little beauties are the most hardworking items in our wardrobes. They carry our loot, we chuck them on public toilet floors  and we throw them around like they are trash. Handbags get a serious workout.

When it comes to handbags, I reckon less is definitely more. I am a bit of a hand bag junkie, they are my weakness, along with dresses, shoes, jeans etc.. Although I tend to recklessly buy nags, I always go back to the same one. I have however done some hunting and found FIVE crackers that I reckon we all need to invest in. If you insist I will as well.

What are they? Glad you asked!

1. The everyday tote that will fit EVERYTHING

We all need this bag. You know the one, it’s the one you reach for when you have 986 things to do in your day and hence need a bag to accommodate your busy day. It needs to be big but it also needs to be stylish   – I reckon go for something polished and classic because you want it to go with everything and don’t want it to go out of style.


Status Anxiety. $319

2. Crossover bag

When all you need is your keys, purse and phone. I dream of these days – will I need baby wipes, nappies and toys FOREVER? This is the bag I always take with me on holiday too, it’s all you need, it’s lightweight and easy to pack and easy to throw over your shoulder and hold all the essentials.


Seed, $79.95

3. Clutch

There is no bag that says ‘party’ like a clutch. If my clutch comes out, I mean business.  Like the serious, going to be hungover tomorrow and don’t even care kinda business (except when tomorrow comes and I wonder why I do it to myself Every. Single. Time.) This can be a statement piece so b big! Opt for colour, embellishment and have fun with it! I am a demon for a leopard print clutch and am loving the ones from Status Anxiety at the moment – check them out here.


Selfridges, $69.95

4. Overnight bag

For when you’re whisked away for a surprise romantic weekend away…or just heading home to your mamas, we all need a trusty weekender. One that isn’t too precious and you can throw in the boot is even better.


Country Road, $59.95

5. Grown up/ work appropriate satchel

This needs to be something structured and ladylike. Stick to neutral colours that go with everything like tan or black. And make sure it’s big enough to hold everything you need for your work day.


Tilkah, $329

What is your go-to handbag?