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Finally found a foolproof way to have the perfecto holiday… even with mini humans.

Monty by Monty
May 23rd, 2016

This piece is brought to you by Star Ratings Australia.*

I’m a holiday junkie. I would prefer to feed my kids baked beans and frozen peas every night if it means we can go on holiday. Essentially I work to vay on the cay. I’m happy to work my precious (*SNS) nails to the bone if there is a holiday in sight.

(*SNS is a way to do your nails that is FABULOUS. Better than shellac, get amongst it.)

I love warm weather, buffet breakfasts and room service almost more than I love my offspring. I’m a spoilt holiday brat but it is what keeps me sane. I can suck up the daily grind of wrestling little feet into mini shoes, kinder drop offs, supermarket shops, constant emails and being a slave to my phone if sipping on a Pina Colada by the poolside is in my near future.

We are one of those families that frequent Queensland. We aim for an annual vacay there because it ticks all our boxes. Hot- tick, good food- tick, pool- tick, beaches- tick. Tick tick tick.

You would think returning to the same holiday destination every year would mean that I have nailed the accommodation side of things. Far from it. I like to mix things up and stay at different places and it blows my small mind how many times I have managed to balls this up.

IMG_1869I admit I tend to do minimal research e.g. jump on google, find a hotel and just check out the pics they have on their website. ROOKIE mistake. Once I booked a hotel that looked like a PALACE! It had a bowling alley, waterslides, movie theatre, 24 hour room service, state of the art gym, you name it, this hotel had it. Or at least it did 642 years ago when it was built. We rocked up, and I literally cried. I have cried too many times to mention after being LIED to in pictures. I am far too trusting (or maybe lazy is more accurate) and this has proven to be a big ass holiday time waster and cash cow. No longer!

Allow me to share a fool proof way to fabulous holidays. No matter where you decide to travel, even if it is just into your own city for a night or two, you want it to be everything you desire and more, Star Ratings is your new best friend fellow trip lovers. It ensures that the accommodation you expect is the accommodation you actually get. Yeehaaa. They have a ‘star’ symbol that reflects the cleanliness, quality and condition of the facilities. This way you can find accom that is good for you and trust that it actually is what your eyes read and see.

On another ridiculous trip I booked, we rocked up to what can only be described as a NIGHTMARE! We lasted one night at the hotel before Princess (me) insisted we moved to a new palace. Before you judge, it was filthy and the buffet did NOT have potato gems (criminal). Further to that there was a women sitting at the table next to us who filled her plate with mini brekkie sausages and one by one picked them up and threw then into a plastic bag.

I’m all for nicking food from the buffet but chucking mini sausages into a bag to eat poolside is TOO FAR even for me!

Star Ratings are an internationally recognised symbol for quality accommodation standards, used in more than 70 countries around the world. They are your safe guarded against ‘self rating’, which has seriously suckered me in that many times. Watch out when you see stars next to any accom, if it is self rated give it a wide berth.

Star Ratings are awarded to six categories: Hotels, Motels, Serviced Apartments, Hosted Accommodation, Caravan-Holiday Parks and Self Catering properties. Each Star is a mark of quality e.g. if a property has a 1 Star Rating, you can be assured that the property has met the standards expected of a quality 1 Star property; if a property has a 5 Star Rating, it has met the standards expected of a quality 5 Star property.


I have just booked our next trip to Queensland and used Star Ratings to help me pick accom that I know will be fabulous in every form for my fam. There will not be any tears this trip unless it is my kids crying with sheer delight over the INSANE kids club. I picture myself daily waving off my tots as they skip happily to the kids club and leave me to eat club sandwiches, read books and sip on cockies poolside. Holiday Princess in her finest form.

* You can check out more info on Star Ratings Australia here. They also have a brand spankin new microsite called Star Tripping  which has heaps of videos, competitions and games to help make your travel extra easy and awesome.