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SEVEN of the best podcasts you need in your life NOW

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 6th, 2016

Sometimes I wonder how I lived without Podcasts in my life and why I was so late to jump on the pod-train. Like many, Serial was the one that reeled me in and like a big hungry fish, I have not let go of that hook since. I can’t get enough of them and to be honest, they’ve become my number one lover, leaving TV and YouTube to eat its dust.

Podcasts are amazing for so many reasons but for me, they are the perfect distraction when I’m doing shit I really don’t enjoy. This might make me sound like a 50’s housewife (I assure you I am no domestic goddess), but necessary stuff like cleaning, ironing, folding socks and undies, washing dishes and driving are all made bearable by the fact that my ears are taking in some pretty fabulous content and my brain is drinking it all in like a curious little kid.

There are so many pods out there to choose from, but here is a quick run-down of the ones that make me do an internal happy-dance when I see they’ve released a new episode into my feed. From beautifully-crafted tales to downright fabulous interviews, we’ve got you covered.

pod s and tShow+Tell The Podcast: Our On the Couch chats are seriously such great listening. There’s something for everyone, from motherhood to career to body image and relationships, these women – most of whom you’ll recognise – are refreshingly honest and super inspiring. Monty has a beautiful and non-intrusive interview style that makes you feel like you’re  just listening in on two friends having a chat. We’re regularly adding new eps in so get subscribing – I promise you’ll love it.

Recommended Ep: On the Couch with Lisa Wilkinson. This incredible woman talks about the loss of her father, meeting the love of her life, surviving high school bullying and her fabulous career.

pod strangers Strangers:  Hosted by Lea Thau, Strangers features episodes that centre around the connections we make with strangers     who come into our lives. No two episodes are the same but all of them are life-changing and Lea is a master at presenting each one in a way that has you wanting keep your earbuds in. Forevs.

Recommended Eps: Elizabeth+Mary Parts 1-4  The story of woman who decides to donate her kidney to a complete stranger

pod girlboss Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso: One of the most inspiring career books I’ve ever read was #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of fashion label Nasty Gal. The book documents her humble beginnings from odd jobs to how she managed to grow a HUGE fashion empire with sheer bloody hard work and determination. Girlboss Radio features Sophia interviewing other successful women about how they got to where they are in their careers.

Recommended Ep: Charlize Theron- Actress, Producer, Activist, Mother.

pod not by accidentNot By Accident: The day after her 38th birthday, Sophie Harper decided to become a single mother. Not By Accident is the beautifully crafted documentary of Sophie’s journey from insemination clinic to motherhood, her relationships, struggles and triumphs, many of which were recorded through conversations over a five year period. Above all, this podcast is a moving love letter from a mother to her daughter, leaving no doubt that this little girl was very much longed for and definitely Not By Accident.

Recommended Ep: Episode 1, Insemination Story.

pod game changesr Game Changers: Radio: I CANNOT stop listening to this one. Hosted by Craig Bruce, who has a long and prestigious career in radio in Australia, Game Changers: Radio are in-depth interviews with some of the most successful radio personalities of our time such as Hamish Blake, Chrissie Swan, Fifi Box, Matt Tilly and Marty Sheargold just to name a few. Tracking the highs and lows of their careers, their turning points and lessons learned, this podcast offers a fascinating insight into not only radio shows, but perseverance and success.

Recommended Ep: 5. Sam Cavanagh, Executive Producer of the Hamish+Andy Show: Creative genius and our girl Monty’s baby daddy.

pod song expSong Exploder: If you love music, you could lose your mind over Song Exploder. Each short, tight episode features musicians explaining the stories behind their songs and how they were made. SO good.

Recommended Ep: 68. Iggy Pop + Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age discuss the track, American Valhalla.

pod oshThe Osher Gunsberg Podcast:  “A weekly conversation with someone who’s figured out a way to get paid to do what they love.” Each week Osher dives deep into interviews with fascinating guests from across all walks of life who are kicking major goals in their professional and personal lives. Osher’s introductions are quite personal and often offer his beautifully honest and relatable struggles with mental health.

Recommended Ep: 101 with Rosie Waterland, Author of The Anti-Cool Girl who overcame a difficult childhood to become a raging and much-loved success.

Honourable mentions go to: Love+Radio, Death, Sex + Money, The Moth, Lore, Criminal, Here’s The Thing (with Alec Baldwin), Invisibilia and WILOSOPHY with Wil Anderson. 

 I’m ready to make room for some new podcasts on my play list….got any good ones to recommend??