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Whats your reality TV addiction?

Lucy Cavanagh by Lucy Cavanagh
September 5th, 2014

I’m a self-professed reality TV addict… Don’t judge me. But please, join me.

I feel I’m justified in my obsession with the argument that I need to know about the things that I am never going to experience in my own day to day life. As a 26 year old sheltered brat who still lives with her parents in a relatively wealthy suburb, it’s pretty easy to assume that I wont ever be a divorced teenage mother… a ridiculously good looking trophy wife living in the Hollywood Hills… nor a drug addicted prostitute. Sahhh boooring. I know.

kardashThere’s something so intriguing about being allowed a peek inside someone else’s world. I absolutely loathe the women on Real Housewives, but that’s not going to get in my way. I’ll still be glued to the telly with my jaw dropped while they make obscenely expensive purchases and fight with their sister over a nose job.

They are weird humans and I love it.

If you’re interested in jumping on board my weirdo reality show loving band wagon, please do! There’s plenty of room! Jump on up! I just ask that you familiarize your self with these favorites of mine first…

16 and Pregnant – an MTV show about young girls who find themselves up the duff, usually to drop kick boyfriends and without a very supportive family. I’m often left gobsmacked by how young these girls are and the mess they are in, it can be tricky viewing.

Intervention– This one is a real tear jerker!! You’re invited to watch a person on the very slippery slope into the depths of an addiction such as drugs, sex, alcohol, and even exercise. After we examine the mess they are in, their family steps in with the help of professionals and stages an intervention to get them into rehab. Sometimes it ends really well, sometimes not so well…

A man addicted to kissing his car

A man addicted to kissing his car

My Strange Addiction – who knows where they find these people, but this show documents and tries to help people who are addicted to really weird stuff, and I mean. Seriously. Weird. Stuff. Things like eating rocks or looking after pet rats as if they are children. Yuck. I even saw one that was addicted to his intimate relationship with his CAR! Yep, his car! And by “intimate” I mean with the exhaust pipe, if you get what I mean… Wink, wink.

CatFish – this one is my current ultimate FAVE! The makers of the documentary by the same name work with people in online relationships. They track down their internet lovers to see if they are really who their facebook profile says they are. The results are un-bloody-believable!! This rarely has a happy ending but its goooood and might just change how much you trust Facebook and the Internet.

Uh. May. Zing. It’s a wonder I don’t have square eyes.

What I do have though is an “other worldy” education. I know more about the people in the world who are just weird enough to be entertaining thanks to Reality TV, and I wouldn’t trade that for circle eyes any day!

What is your all time favourite Reality TV Show?