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The ONE pair of shoes Kendall says we all need… and Brooke has them!

Monty by Monty
April 24th, 2016

I live in my sneakers. I’m all about comfort and sneaks make my feet happy, so very, very happy. I’m tickled pink that sneakers are acceptable and even endorsed by the cool kids at the moment.

The other day I read that Kendall Jenner (one of the cool kids) said that the ONE pair of shoes you need in your wardrobe at the moment are white sneakers. THIS I CAN DO! White sneakers and I will get along fine.


Out of us gals here at Show + Tell, Brooke is the closest thing to a cool kid. She has a fab wardrobe and bucket loads of ace shoes. After I read that white kicks are a must have, Brooke rocked up to my place wearing Kendall’s fave – WHITE SNEAKERS. I mean, sure, it isn’t a revolutionary fashion item, BUT to rock the white sneaker and not look like Seinfeld is a gift.

Brooke grabbed her squeaky clean whities from Sportsgirl. They are cheap and look goooood. Look here if you want a closer goosey…

IMG_6439 (1)

White sneakers yay or nay?